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A UGA professor wants to make caviar sustainable

Doug Peterson sells the last thing anybody would expect from a college professor working in rural Georgia: caviar. But just outside Chattanooga—three hours northwest of the University of Georgia, where he works as a professor of fisheries and aquatic sciences—Peterson produces the state’s only sustainable caviar at a 5,000-square-foot facility in the town of Cohutta.

New Polls; Same Story: Georgia’s 2014 races are close

At least this football season has delivered some exciting upsets and shifts in the team rankings. On the other hand, the latest batch of polls on Georgia’s gubernatorial and Senate races delivers a familiar narrative: these races are close, y’all.

Infographic of the Day: Georgia belongs to the Bulldogs

Remember when the New York Times broke news other than Georgians are Bulldog fans? You know the drill: The Times mines Facebook for data on which sport teams users “like” and uses it to generalize team allegiances in each zip code. Then they mash it all together in a fancy, zoom-able, color-coded map that is supposed to draw up districts of fandom.

College Towns of the South: Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville may not have a big-conference college, but it still plays host to one of the SEC’s biggest games. But as you’d expect from the largest city in the contiguous United States, Jacksonville has much more to offer than the annual football classic.

Guest Blogger: The Atlanta Hawks published a confession and mea culpa before TMZ and Twitter could find it

When an NBA team owner issues a mea culpa at the same time he’s hanging a “For Sale” sign on his share of the franchise, we know we have entered a new era in sports.

Q&A with SEC Network host and analyst Maria Taylor

When Alpharetta native Maria Taylor introduces herself to hulking SEC football players, their typical response is, “You’re huge!” Taylor stands six feet two and was a four-year basketball player at the University of Georgia.

The connection between UGA turf and the World Cup

Team USA is not favored to survive its placement in the “Group of Death” in the World Cup—pitted with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. But, as the global soccer spectacle prepares to, ahem, kick off tomorrow, rest assured that at least one Made in America product will last—the turf on which the matches are played.

UGA students test ways to reduce food-borne illnesses

The splintered plywood sign with “Retail Meat Sale” hand painted in red and black capitals. The black arrow underneath pointing up the sidewalk. The squat brick building. Every Friday, just off College Station road, a flurry of skepticism and confusion is the most likely reaction from onlookers who don’t know that it’s all part of UGA’s Meat Science Technology Center Store.

Money Ball: UGA vs. Tech

Since 1893, the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia football teams have battled in a rivalry known as “clean, old-fashioned hate.” We’ll let sports geeks crunch stats on wins and losses.* But as the teams prepare to face off November 30 at Bobby Dodd Stadium, here’s an analysis of what really matters: dollars and cents.

The Red & Black returns to normalcy

The student staff at the University of Georgia’s Red & Black newspaper infamously walked out and created a rival publication after the board of directors attempted to exert more influence over editorial content. That was a year ago this week.

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