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All work—and all play—at UGA

The mantra "work hard, play hard" has a new meaning for students at the University of Georgia. College Prowler has named UGA the "Most Intense" university in America, meaning its students study and party equally hard.

View from the Brain Trust

Ebenezer Aka, political science professor and director of the Urban Studies Program at Morehouse, is an expert in urban planning. (Read his extended responses here.)

The Innovation Index

Arthritis Simulation Gloves
Here’s a novel way to make jars and packages easier to open: Let manufacturers see what it’s like to handle products with arthritic hands. These gloves, developed by Georgia Tech Research Institute engineers, stiffen the joints and make it harder to grip, turn, and push down on lids. Some manufacturers are already using the empathy-inducing handwear in product trials, and builders are using them to test doorknobs and cabinet drawers. That should enable companies to prepare for an aging population.

Campus Ambassador: Lucas Ulloque, University of Georgia

UGA has an incredible selection of academic majors to choose from, with over 140 programs of study. It also offers an extraordinary music scene where students can catch a live concert almost any day of the week; Rolling Stone magazine actually ranked UGA the number one college town that rocks. Downtown Athens has great local coffee shops, mom-and-pop restaurants, and neat, quirky boutiques.

A Private Payne: For Better or Worse, Billy Payne Remains in the Spotlight

Not so long ago, Billy Payne was the most famous man in Atlanta. He was hailed as a hero, an improbable good old boy who had a dream and forced it to come true. He traveled the world, bridged the gaps between political correctness and corporate interests, made friends with royals dignitaries, helped revive a dying inner city and gave millions of people the experience of a lifetime. He did what he set out to do, and is trying to get back to what he used to do – carry on with his private life. In private.

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