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Local Three’s iconic brunch buffet is back

Local Three’s beloved brunch buffet is back

In pre-pandemic times, the Buckhead restaurant’s brunch was iconic, known for laying out a fabulous spread of dishes in the kitchen itself, allowing guests to wind through and see where the magic happens (and take in the charming knickknacks the adorn the space). When the pandemic began, the buffet brunch ended, and Local Three switched to an à la carte menu. It just wasn’t the same.

Local Three team to open a modern diner, Roshambo, in Peachtree Battle

Unsukay restaurant group, known for Local Three, Muss & Turner’s, MTH Pizza, and Eleanor’s, is opening a "21st century diner" in Peachtree Battle late summer. Called Roshambo after the childhood game “Paper, Rock, Scissors,” it will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

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