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Sweet onions: A unique breed

You’ll never find a sweet Vidalia onion grown by an Atlanta-area farmer. Not technically, anyway. To be labeled a Vidalia, the onion—a hybrid known as yellow granex, developed to thrive in warmer climates—must be grown in a twenty-county area of southeast Georgia, which includes the city of Vidalia in Toombs County.

Vidalia Onion and Tasso Tart

Taqueria del Sol chef David Waller shares this seasonal recipe featuring Georgia Vidalia onions and tasso, a smoked, cured pork product popular in Cajun cooking. Serve the tart for brunch or a light supper with a green salad.

Spinach and Vidalia Souffle

This airy yet rich-tasting casserole is from Athens food writer Rebecca Lang’s terrific book "Quick-Fix Southern: Homemade Hospitality in 30 Minutes or Less."

Vidalia Onion Soup with Bacon Flan

From "Bon Appétit, Y’all" by Virginia Willis

Stuffed Vidalia Onions

From "Savannah Seasons: Food and Stories from Elizabeth on 37th" by Elizabeth Terry

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