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PSA: Don’t Instagram your ballot

Georgians, please don't Instagram your ballot. It's illegal.The Peach State has a law that expressly prohibits recording devices in polling places or publicly displaying your ballot, according to the Citizen Media Law Project. In layman's terms, you can't take any pictures or video in a polling place. You especially can't take a picture of your ballot. And you could be pretty screwed if you post said picture online anywhere and your profile is public. Because, yeah, doing illegal things publicly is a bad idea. (FYI, even if you don't crosspost your pic to your Twitter or Facebook, all Instagram profiles now have web addresses associated with them, and if your Instagram is already public, then so is that.)

Alan Abramowitz Is the Oracle of Emory

In September 1988, more than a month before Election Day, Alan Abramowitz accurately predicted George H.W. Bush would win 53 percent of the popular vote.

Emory’s Drew Linzer and his Votamatic predict biggish Obama win

I boldly predict a Harvard Law grad will win the Presidential election on November 6.Maybe I should put that in boldface type to emphasize just how bold my boldness is.

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