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With his new cookbook, Atlanta chef Todd Richards wants to change the way we view soul food

Todd Richards found that one of the biggest obstacles for black chefs is the lack of economic resources for opening their own restaurants. That's why he sees his new cookbook, Soul, as a transformative text to make soul food higher in economic value.
Christiane Lauderbach and water

The Christiane Chronicles: Atlanta restaurants, filter your water

In cities like New York and Los Angeles, I’ve found municipal water is great right out of the tap. But in Atlanta? I can’t stand the foul flavor of our water, which restaurants often pour straight over a fistful of ice cubes.

Downtown Downer: A first lunch at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

As I’ve mentioned previously in print, Downtown restaurants depress me on two levels. There’s little of quality for those of us who work here: BLT Steak can deliver a memorable meal but it’s a splurge; Alma Cocina makes me happiest as a destination for drinking and lighter bites like fried avocado taquitos; and occasionally I’ll meander down to Calypso Cafe for jerk chicken or goat curry. [UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments below, I'm also a fan of Paul Luna's Bohemian charmer Lunacy Black Market.] Once a year, I’ll hit Ted’s Montana Grill for a salad and (one of my vices) chili cheese fries. That about concludes the extent of the area’s culinary appeal.

Table Talk: White Oak Kitchen opens, Gluten-free fried chicken at Cardamom Hill, and Kessler reviews The Optimist

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails opens in Downtown Atlanta Who’s thirsty? White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails quietly opened its doors this week and is rocking a giant list of cocktails, among other interesting southern chic, farm-to-table dishes.

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