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Will Turpin’s power pop shines on “The Lighthouse,” “SATC”‘s Berger grabs some eggs

It's probably best that Collective Soul bassist Will Turpin's new solo EP, "The Lighthouse" is only available in audio form. Otherwise, the five instantly addictive tracks on the project (the EP hit iTunes Tuesday) would likely require a doctor's prescription. Playing piano and singing lead vocals, Turpin will debut tunes from "The Lighthouse" Thursday night at Drinkshop Live at the downtown W on Ivan Allen Boulevard. "It's just one of those innate feelings that you have," explains the life-long Beatles fan on how you go about writing a catchy melodic pop song. "When I was taking piano lessons at eight years old, my earliest music teachers kept telling me to quit using my ear. Their goal was to teach me to read music in a traditional way. But after I learned a piece of music, I was always using my ear to modify things. If it feels good to me, that's a good starting place for how a listener might respond to something I write. I'm all about melody. Somebody asked me the other day on a TV show what 'The Lighthouse' sounds like and I said, 'mega sweet, power pop candy.'" Turpin laughs and adds: "I'm not really good at describing music. But I don't think that my style on this EP is something that most people would be able to predict. Hopefully, that's a good thing!"

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