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OTP Atlanta amphitheaters

Six OTP amphitheaters worth the trip this summer

As the heat turns up, so does the volume at outdoor concerts just a short drive from Atlanta.
50 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

36. Vingenzo’s

Some of the best Neapolitan pies can be found in Woodstock, where chef and owner Michael Bologna cooks them in a wood-fired oven.
Dixie Speedway

Watch a dirt track race at the Dixie Speedway

Bring the kids, the grill, and a case of beer to get the full Saturday night tailgating experience at this authentic red clay racetrack in Woodstock.
Atlanta Craft Brewery Guide

Reformation Brewery

The name Martin Luther is probably not the first historical figure that comes to mind when you think craft beer. But ask co-founder Spencer Nix, and it makes perfect sense.

One Square Mile: Dixie Speedway

In the pits, 73-year-old Nancy Roland, poker visor down and a Marlboro Light dangling from her lips, pushes an ice scraper across the hood of the race car, sweeping off chunks of orange clay. Thirteen-year-old Will Roland steps out from behind the trailer, zipping up his black-and-red fire suit.


Driving thirty miles north to Woodstock from Downtown Atlanta seemed like a short trek when sensational pizza was the payoff. I was in the midst of a metro-wide pizza hunt in February, and glowing Internet reports had lured me to Vingenzo's, which sits near the railroad tracks in Woodstock’s historic commercial district, where buildings erected in 1879 still stand. It was an early Saturday afternoon following a wintry night of snow and ice, yet the dining room hummed with business. The restaurant has obviously found an audience in this growing town of nearly 25,000 people.

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