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How to lose your winter love handles

If you’ve become, ahem, cuddlier this winter, try these core workouts for getting ab-fab again.
Atlanta fitness pros

Where Atlanta’s fitness pros work out

Where do your fitness instructors get those six-pack abs? We asked 5 to tell us about their favorite workouts.

Test Drive: Working through frustration at 9Round Kickbox Fitness

Lately I’ve been in the mood to punch someone. I’m not proud of that. But the political drama of the past month has made me feel like I’m perpetually stuck in rush hour on the Connector, white-knuckling the steering wheel and pointlessly screaming.

No finish line. No sleep. Everything you wanted to know about the GORUCK Challenge

You carry a rucksack filled with weights. There is no finish line. No dinner, no sleep. You might crawl through the mud, or burpees until you want to puke. Why would anyone want to take this Challenge? FAQ from someone who's done two.
Cyc Fitness

Get psyched up at Cyc Fitness

If you’re not an avid indoor cyclist, you might assume the scene is the same at every spin studio, with sinewy drill sergeants barking at sweaty masochists.
Pure Barre Platform

Test Drive: Platform, Pure Barre’s new cardio-intensive workout

Let me start with an admission: I'm not really a “barre girl.” I favor boot camps that bring you pretty close to the point of puking. So I thought maybe Pure Barre’s new format, Platform, would be a better fit for me.
Target x SoulCycle

SoulCycle x Target offers free indoor cycling classes in Atlanta

The name "SoulCycle" is often spoken in hushed tones, with a reverence more often reserved for the capsule collections at Target. So it makes sense that the indoor-cycling studio with a cult-like following would pair up with the fast-fashion-plus-groceries and-bathmats mecca for pop-up classes in 10 cities.

Test Drive: Bouncing (literally) to the beat at Vertical Joe’s

We're all wearing Kangoo Jump Boots, which look like rollerblades, but instead of wheels on the soles there are half-moon-shaped tension springs. When you stand still you have to balance, and when you move you have to bounce.
Worship fitness

Worship workout: Atlantans combine faith and fitness

They say the body is a temple, and some people certainly treat the gym like a church, following the workout of the day like it’s one of the Ten Commandments. But these days, some Christian church­goers are doing more to combine faith and fitness, placing a premium on the health of the body as well as the soul.
Elite Edge Fitness Center

Bootcamps: Elite Edge Fitness Center

In the open workout room at Elite Edge, it’s not unusual to see NFL hopefuls sweating through agility drills on one end while muscle-bound moms perform medicine ball tosses on the other.

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