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Fresh on the Scene: The Deer and the Dove

The verdict on 3 new Atlanta restaurants: Wood’s Chapel BBQ, Sceptre Brewing Arts, the Deer and the Dove

Decatur Square's newest restaurant, The Deer and the Dove, East Atlanta Village has a new brewery, Sceptre Brewing Arts, and Summerhill has another reason to be Atlanta's big next dining neighborhood with Wood's Chapel BBQ.

2. Wrecking Bar Brewpub

In a city that has leveled so much of its history, what Bob and Kristine Sandage have done to renovate the circa 1900 Kriegshaber mansion on Moreland, just south of Little Five Points, is nothing short of heroic.
The Deer and the Dove

Wrecking Bar’s Terry Koval turns the former Cakes & Ale space into a rustic restaurant and wood-fired bagel spot

You'll find wood-roasted trout and duck roulade on the menu at the Deer and the Dove, the new restaurant from Terry Koval that replaced Cakes & Ale in Decatur. You can also grab a wood-fired bagel from B-Side next door.
Shay Lavi

Why Israeli grillmaster Shay Lavi is an Atlanta chef to watch

Shay Lavi is a master behind the grill, where proteins make up only about 30 percent of his impressive, vegetable-laden spreads. Now, the catering chef plans to open his own cafe downtown.
Brit Bennett

7 questions for Brit Bennett, author of “The Mothers”

Brit Bennett's debut novel, The Mothers, was released in October but has already received numerous accolades. She'll read from the book at Wrecking Bar as part of A Cappella Book's Writers @ The Wrecking Bar series on February 13.

Technique: Wrecking Bar’s Terry Koval on making the perfect BLT

Everybody knows that a ripe tomato is essential, but it’s the details that make for BLT perfection, says Wrecking Bar Brewpub executive chef Terry Koval, who never lets his tomatoes see the inside of a refrigerator.
Wild Heaven Sour

2015 welcomes a new generation of tart Atlanta beer

When Atalanta, the popular tart plum saison created by Orpheus Brewing on the eastern edge of Midtown, first went into cans in early 2014, it earned itself a footnote in Georgian brewing history as the state’s first packaged, commercially available sour beer.

16. Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Wrecking Bar puts as much effort and thought into its food as its beer list.

5 favorite french fries

Historians can argue whether it was the French or Belgians who first dropped raw potatoes into a vat of hot oil, but fries today are the life partner to the American hamburger.

Wrecking Bar releases Strong Beer Fest list

This December marks the second annual Wrecking Bar Strong Beer Fest. Hosted at the brewpub, every beer is 8% ABV or above, and every brewery is based in Georgia. Last year the festival featured more than 30 beers—this year, Wrecking Bar owner and brewer Bob Sandage says attendees can expect more than 50 high-gravity beers, some of which will make their debut at the event.

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