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Atlanta supper clubs

Offbeat and intimate, here are 4 new Atlanta supper clubs you should know about

Atlanta supper clubs aren’t exactly new. Kamayan ATL, a Buford Highway eatery recommended by Michelin, began as a series of pop-up feasts. Shai Lavi hosts small-scale, modern-Mediterranean dinners at the Third Space, where Asha Gomez began hosting private events ten years ago. But recently, this big trend has gotten, well, smaller. Chefs are hosting more informal, intimate suppers in offbeat locations, even private homes. Here are four new ones to watch.
Do chefs really hate brunch?

Chefs hate brunch…or do they?

It’s no secret chefs hate brunch. In his 2000 book, Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain famously disparaged the booze-laden meal that’s not quite breakfast, not quite lunch—and not much has changed in the decades since. “I would be shocked if you were to find a chef who likes it,” said Zach Meloy, the former chef-owner of Better Half, which shuttered in 2018.
Meet Atlanta’s new wave of entrepreneurs

Meet Atlanta’s new wave of entrepreneurs

Meet the new class of founders, CEOs, ceramicists, farmers, bankers, and influencers

Better Half targets early December opening

Better Half, the long-awaited brick and mortar restaurant by PushStart Kitchen supper club founders Zach and Cristina Meloy, is on track to open in early December after securing funding through KickStarter. Originally called Lost & Found, this Latin-Southern restaurant will serve dinner Monday through Saturday at 1220 Foster Street in Home Park. Below, chef Zach shares his plans for the restaurant and provides a glimpse into his menu.

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