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This is what an eight course blood dinner looks like

What began as a conversation on Twitter months ago became an eight course "Blood Dinner" at Livingston last night. Chef Zeb Stevenson brought in the formidable talents of Tyler Williams, Ryan Smith, and Josh Hopkins for a collaborative meal of blood-centric dishes. The menu ranged from classical dishes like pressed squab to futuristic inventions like the "Bloody Pebbles," which were something like the Dippin' Dots of blood. The chefs seemed to be genuinely excited by the challenge and their enthusiasm showed on the plates. Take a look below.

Reservations Required: Blood Dinner at Livingston

Champagne and Caviar at Three Sheets, November 13 Three Sheets in Sandy Springs debuts a weekly feature of rotating caviar selections and champagne splits.

Livingston to host All-Blood Dinner in November

A few months ago, I mentioned a Twitter conversation that began with chef Zeb Stevenson posing a quick question: "Was told that ATL is not ready for blood sausages etc. on menus. Care to weigh in?" That evolved into a larger conversation about innovation and boundaries in Atlanta's dining scene and a few chefs salivating about an imaginary all-blood dinner.

Is Atlanta ready for an all-blood dinner?

Last night on Twitter, chef Zeb Stevenson posed a quick question, "Was told that ATL is not ready for blood sausages etc. on menus. Care to weigh in?" The response was almost uniformly positive - Ryan Smith of Empire State South saying that he sells it all the time, people clamoring for an all-blood dinner, donuts with blood ganache, and you get the idea. Most of the conversation is included below.

Proof and Provision opens on Peachtree

The Georgian Terrace Hotel celebrated the opening of their new bar and restaurant Proof and Provision with a media preview earlier this week. Located beneath the wide-open white marble of the Livingston, the basement bar plays a distinct foil to the upstairs neighbor. The ceilings are low while the Livingston's are high; the walls are raw brick while the Livingston's are polished; the lights are dim while the Livingston's are bright. You get the idea. The menu strikes a similar note - where the Livingston is suited for elegance, P&P aims at opening up the collar. As chef Zeb Stevenson put it at the party, the menu is meant to be "Real fun, not bullshit fun."

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