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Atlanta is getting its first non-alcoholic bottle shop, the Zero Co.

Atlanta is getting its first nonalcoholic bottle shop, the Zero Co.

The new store from the owners of Elemental Spirits Co. and the Zero Proof plans to stock over 500 nonalcoholic spirits, wines, beers, and ready-to-drink beverages
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12 zero-proof cocktails to try in Atlanta

It's easier than ever to find nonalcoholic drinks that pack in all of the flavor and complexity of a craft cocktail. Here are 12 different ones to try around metro Atlanta.

The rise of the “zero-proof” cocktail in Atlanta

As the craft cocktail movement has taken off, so-called “zero-proof” cocktails have evolved from slapped-together afterthoughts to well-considered compositions. While most modern-day cocktail barkeeps have the tools, know-how, and creativity to prepare an interesting, nonalcoholic drink on the fly, more establishments are choosing to invest time in developing zero-proof recipes and are dedicating sections of their menu to them.

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