25. Tour the Beltline

The TADs and the community meetings and the wrangling with holdout developers—you’ve heard it all when it comes to the BeltLine (see page 21 for an update). But have you actually seen the path the BeltLine would take? You should. It’s eye-opening. During the free weekly Friday and Saturday morning bus tours, hosted by the BeltLine Partnership and narrated by the knowledgeable Heather Hussey-Coker, you’ll see corners of the city you never knew existed. Little-publicized neighborhoods such as Pittsburgh, Peoplestown, and Ashview Heights; nooks that could clearly benefit from the development the path would bring; and, two-thirds through the three-hour ring around Atlanta, a site that inspires visions of picnics and Frisbee tournaments: the Bellwood Quarry, a century-old granite crater in West Midtown that will be turned into a reservoir and park. beltline.org