45-49. Learn from the best


Catch a fish

      Your teacher: Gary Merriman, champion sportfisherman, 404-237-3473
      Why him: Merriman has pursued big fish all over the world; off Hawaii in 1984, with his Hardy Zane Grey reel, he pulled in a 1,649-pound blue marlin.
      What you’ll learn: Where to find trout and striped bass in North Georgia; how to cast a fly (take a breath, relax, and don’t try to muscle the rod)
      What you’ll pay: $45 for a half-hour lesson

Collect wine

      Your teacher: Jay James, master sommelier, 404-406-2109
      Why him: One of only two people in Georgia who have earned the Master Sommelier diploma, James once brought his client a cognac from 1777.
      What you’ll learn: How to calibrate the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar; when to buy red Bordeaux at a rock-bottom price; where to find 1953 Calvados
      What you’ll pay: Varies; a typical rate is $150 an hour

Grow a green thumb

      Your teacher: Russell Camp, gardening coach, 678-568-2073
      Why him: According to celebrity gardener Walter Reeves, Camp is the best teacher in the state.
      What you’ll learn: How to save money managing your lawn or hire and monitor landscapers to do it for you; how to make the most of your irrigation system; how to make your yard look good enough to sell your house
      What you’ll pay: $50 an hour, with a two-hour minimum on your first consultation

Dress yourself (like a diva)

      Your teacher: Adrene Ashford, wardrobe stylist, 404-688-8876
      Why her: Ashford owns the hip Adrene Boutique in Castleberry Hill and has styled such artists as Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child) and Jennifer Hudson.
      What you’ll learn: How to match your clothes with your body type, complexion, personality, and mood; how to walk into a room with confidence
      What you’ll pay: Amount varies, though a trip to her store is free

Dress yourself (like a gentleman)

      Your teacher: Sid Mashburn, haberdasher, 404-350-7135
      Why him: The former J.Crew design director and owner of an eponymous Westside men’s shop has been named one of America’s most stylish men by GQ magazine.
      What you’ll learn: How to tie a tie; where your pants should break. As Mashburn sums up his store: “If you’re really into clothes, this is the place for you. If you don’t know about clothes but want to learn, or you don’t care about clothes but want the right stuff, this is the place for you. If you just don’t care, this really isn’t the place for you.”
      What you’ll pay: No charge for consultation; Mashburn and his staff even make house calls to sort out confused closets. Merch runs from $48 (Levi’s) to $1,300 (Edward Green shoes).