8. Tailgate at the Starlight Six Drive-In


If you’ve lived here any length of time and not visited the Starlight—not poured your potent potables into a plastic cup (no bottles allowed) and settled in for a $7(!) double feature of first-run films, not realized that watching a horror movie is ten times better out in this cracked concrete back lot in Southeast Atlanta, where you’re free to squeeze Easy Cheese onto crackers and jump as the screams of fellow patrons bounce off of the billboard-sized screens and the full moon casts an eerie glow over the smoking embers of the grill where pre-movie hot dogs were roasted—and then you do, you will ask, “Where have you been all my life, Starlight?” And the Starlight will reply, “Right here, for the past sixty-one years. Thanks for catching on!” starlightdrivein.com