What to know before you go to Imagine Picasso at Pullman Yards

The immersive art exhibit runs through June 19 at Pullman Yards


Courtesy of Network Frequency

Pablo Picasso is known for his exploration of painting styles, including surrealism, cubism, and expressionism. But did you know he also wrote poetry and a play? That he collaborated with a ballet company and married a ballerina? That his children were the only people allowed in the room while he worked? It’s these types of tidbits that Imagine Picasso shares while immersing guests in rooms with 200 screen prints of the famous artist’s works, spanning his life.

Imagine Picasso is not your typical museum exhibit. The main attraction is 10,000 square feet full of projection screens set at different angles. A 33-minute loop of both color and black and white images plays—on the walls, on the ground, and on various shaped screens guests can walk under. Music changes to match the tempo of the work being displayed, from soft rain to active composition. There’s an area where you can stand inside a square and witness a 360-degree, life-size immersion of Picasso’s works.

Running through June 19 at Pullman Yards, the exhibit opens at 10 a.m. daily (closed Tuesdays). Tickets must be purchased in advance and cost $31.50 for adults and $22 for children aged 5-12. Here’s what else you should to know before you go:

Courtesy of Network Frequency

Parking is paid—through your smartphone. If you attended the Van Gogh exhibit at Pullman Yards, be aware that the parking setup has changed due to construction on the premises. The new gravel lot is smaller and easier to navigate. Prominent signage details payment options, ranging from the ParkMobile app to text to pay. You’ll need a minimum of an hour to experience the exhibit—more if you’d like to drink, dine, or explore the Pullman Yards area.  

VIPs, don’t be shy. Don’t want to wait in line? VIP tickets ($59.50 for adults, $50 for children) allow for front-of-line entry and include a limited-edition Picasso tote bag and poster. When presenting your entry tickets, remember to ask for your VIP lanyard. You’ll need it to exchange for the bag and poster when you leave.

Courtesy of Network Frequency

A kid’s activity is available. Admission for children ages 4 and under is free. You’ll want to request a kid’s checklist, which is intended to encourage children of all ages to engage with the exhibit by having them answer questions about Picasso. Staff members give a sticker to kids for each correct answer.

Plan to stick around. Pullman Yards’ recent additions include two Pickleball courts, open to the public. There’s a shipping container that sells Picasso-themed cocktails on draft, like the Blue Period, made with vodka, blue Gatorade, and lemonade. Another sells beer; Gabriel’s offers coffee and pastries; and Dailies fast-casual restaurant features everything from artichoke dip and grilled asparagus to cauliflower soup and meatball subs.

Bathrooms are outside. They’re perma-Porta-Potty style, meaning they’re in a trailer. Monitor your beverage intake accordingly.