6 unique New Year’s Eve drops from across the country

From Peeps to fleas, find out what’s falling on December 31
Illustration by Jungyeon Roh
Illustration by Jungyeon Roh

Even if Atlanta’s Peach Drop has become the Southeast’s largest New Year’s Eve celebration, we’re in the mood for something different this year. Here’s what’s falling in these cities at midnight on December 31:

Giant Peep
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of the marshmallow treat, drops an 85-pound, illuminated yellow bird.

Raleigh, “City of the Oaks,” drops a 1,250-pound steel-and-copper acorn.

Drag Queen
Key West revelers cheer as “Sushi” is lowered from the roof of a bar in a ruby high-heeled slipper.

Big Cheese
The Cheese­heads in Plymouth, Wisconsin, drop an 80-pound wedge.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, drops an actual 200-pound log of its signature charcuterie.

Eastover, North Carolina, was once named Flea Hill, so why wouldn’t they drop a 30-pound flea?

This article originally appeared in our December 2014 issue in the Getaway Guide.