“Catwalks and Catfights” Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale recap


Well here we are, at the finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s second season. On the precipice of what’s sure to be a busy off season for the ladies, what with Sheree’s She by Sheree line and exercise video, Lisa and Ed’s relationship book, Kim’s wig line and “Tardy for the Party,” NeNe’s book and fashion lines, and Kandi’s music career and mourning.

Let’s speak of Kandi’s mourning. I questioned last week why Bravo chose to show the footage of AJ after his passing, and I have to take back those accusations of ratings greed. Well, maybe there’s something to that, but in this episode we see a Mother’s Day party, and we see Joyce, Kandi’s mom, speak, finally, warm words of understanding and acceptance to AJ. It was a fitting tribute to Kandi’s now-deceased fiance. “That makes me happy,” he tells her.

People who are not happy this episode are a dime a dozen:

Lisa and Ed are not happy. They are considering their finances and realizing that with Ed’s retirement from the NFL, they can’t keep up their St. Marlo mansion. The look on Lisa’s face is priceless as she considers moving out of the house. “But we’re still downsizing to a multi-million dollar house,” she reasons, referring to a mansion Ed bought before they were married.

NeNe’s not happy. Gregg won’t support her talking to her probably-father. “What am I supposed to say,” he queries. “Fly on down the freeway to get your heartbroken?”

NeNe’s also not happy with Kim. And Kim’s not happy with NeNe. They meet to pow-wow about their Atlantic Station physical confrontation, and NeNe stalks out and leaves, convinced that Kim has a personality disorder. Later Kim explains, “She’s a f–in’ moose, I didn’t know what to do!” NeNe counters: “You do not hit NeNe Leakes.”

NeNe’s also not happy with Kandi. NeNe says she “thinks” Kandi owes her an apology for the fight they had at Sheree’s independence party. “Good thing she don’t get paid for thinking,” Kandi later tells the camera.

But here’s who is happy: Sheree. Finally, after two years, she has a fashion line to present. She’s turned over the production of the fashion show to Dwight, and let me tell you–Big D impressed me. He ran a tight ship, even corralling Sheree when she wanted to run off to get her hair done. The show was a success. But does Sheree give him credit? “I gotta pat myself on the back!” she crows, after the show. I’ll take that as a “no.”

Other things we learned this episode:
-That white lacy top Kim wears makes her look like a pirate’s wench (see picture above)
-Kandi almost had her wedding at the Georgia Aquarium, but “the guests might be more mesmerized with the fish than with me!”
-When referencing her decolletage, Kim claims, “I bought these bitches!” Well someone did, anyway.
-Overall, this episode was WAY boring; I’m hoping they amp things up
for the reunion show. It in no way compared to the table-turning that
capped off the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s finale. Case in point . . .
-Bravo, for unmentioned reasons, decided not to air whatever footage exists of the now-infamous Atlantic Station showcase showdown between Kim and NeNe–legal reasons perhaps? Which brings me to . . .

Things we learned this season:
-Save for a few catfights, it seemed like a lot of this season’s action was inaction–talking heads rehashing drama. I say, a little less conversation, a little more action, please.
-NeNe has morphed into a grating presence. Maybe it’s the price of fame, but last season, NeNe was fun. Now it just seems like her life revolves around starting beefs. Come back, fun NeNe, come back.
-Lisa and Ed, you’ve become incredibly boring, darlings. I don’t remember any ACTION with you two, other than you cooing over one another. Oh yeah, there was Lisa’s fashion show. How . . . memorable?
-I predict a changing of the guard next season. I don’t know if they’ll throw anyone off, a la DeShawn Snow, but I could see them adding someone else into the mix. Maybe Sheree’s friend Tonya?

And now I leave you until the sixteen-part reunion show.

What did you think about the finale? What else did you learn? How do you think this season compares with the first season? Catch up on all our Real Housewives coverage, read our September cover story on the Housewives, and enjoy this sneak peak of the Real Housewives reunion: