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Atlanta coronavirus update

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Saturday, June 6

On Friday, Delta announced it would halt service to several smaller airports. Here’s your Saturday morning update.
Atlanta must lead the way in advancing racial equity

Atlanta must lead the way in advancing racial equity

This time of unrest offers the chance to take a different path forward and lead the Atlanta region, the South, and the nation toward a more equitable future. We must take the lessons (both good and bad) from our courageous past to realize a New Atlanta Way.
T.I. Killer Mike The Dream Atlanta celebrities speaking on protest

If Atlanta’s most famous hip-hop stars want to participate in activism, they’ll have to reckon with their own elite statuses

While it’s certainly possible to both empathize with protesters and feel pained to see the city in chaos, Atlanta's mainstream hip-hop artists also benefit financially from encouraging peace. As entrepreneurs and longtime ambassadors of a city that is a hub for black businesses, their economic success and the continued growth of Atlanta are indisputably linked. Even if they came from the black working class and genuinely wish to advocate for them, refusing to acknowledge this reality dilutes their messages.
Atlanta coronavirus update

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Friday, June 5

On Thursday, unemployment claims were down slightly but still high. Here’s your Friday morning update.
Atlanta coronavirus updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Thursday, June 4

On Wednesday, Fulton County commissioners rejected a plan that would to build new isolation units for inmates who test positive for COVID-19. Here’s your Thursday morning update.
Atlanta coronavirus updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Wednesday, June 3

On Tuesday, the state once again revamped it's COVID-19 dashboard. Here’s your Wednesday morning update.
Atlanta protest black lives matter

Where to donate to support Atlantans fighting for racial justice

Not everyone is able to go out and protest, and that’s okay. But there are still plenty of ways to help out those in our local community who are fighting for racial equity. Here is a roundup of local and national nonprofits, groups, and funds.
Atlanta coronavirus updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Tuesday, June 2

On Monday, the state department of education released new suggested guidelines for how K-12 schools can operate in the fall. Here’s your Tuesday morning update.
Atlanta coronavirus update

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Monday, June 1

Bars and nightclubs can re-open beginning today, and many have concerns about how protesting will impact COVID-19 spread. Here’s your Monday morning update.

What happened yesterday in Atlanta

Starting around 3 p.m. from Centennial Olympic Park, young and old activists holding signs and chanting the names of black people killed by police marched south toward the CNN Center and through downtown before ending at the Georgia Capitol. Then they marched back toward Centennial Olympic Park where APD officers corralled the crowd in front of CNN Center. Around 7 p.m., the peaceful march and protest changed in tone as scuffles and confrontations between some protesters and police escalated into a relatively small number of protesters setting a police car on fire and spray painting the CNN Center.

In her battle to be reunited with the elephant she raised, Carol Buckley built a world-class sanctuary in South Georgia

Carol Buckley elephants
It has been five years since Carol Buckley has seen Tarra, the subject of a bitter custody battle with the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee that has shaken conservation and animal-welfare circles.

21st Century Plague

21st Century Plague: Coronavirus in Atlanta
This wasn’t supposed to happen. This was guaranteed to happen. But to us? Now? 17 Georgians on what coronavirus has done—and what it still can do.

How to elect a president: Jimmy Carter, two South Georgia political novices, and the unpredictable road to the White House

Jimmy Carter election
Carter’s ascent from peanut farmer to president was engineered by a couple of political novices barely in their 30s: Hamilton Jordan, who served as campaign manager, and Jody Powell, a media liaison who would become press secretary. Without their audacious tactics, there would have been no President Jimmy Carter.
David Cummings Groundbreakers 2018

David Cummings

Groundbreakers 2018

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