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Room Envy: A serene home office meant to be seen

When a home office is visible from the front door, it gets special treatment, says interior designer Michelle Doughtie of Schilling & Co.
Room Envy: A teen bedroom that's both trendy and timeless

Room Envy: A teen bedroom that’s both trendy and timeless

Cleverly straddling the line between trendy and lasting design, Tami Ramsay of Cloth & Kind, based in Athens, created this teenager’s bedroom to look good today and years from now.
Room Envy

Room Envy: A relaxed dining room in West End

“Low seating feels more relaxed than traditional seating,” says Palmer Schallon, who built the furniture in this dining room. He and his wife, Melissa—both set decorators in the film industry—recently moved to this West End home from Los Angeles.
Room Envy: A cool kids' room in Virginia-Highland

Room Envy: A cool kids’ room in Virginia-Highland

This multipurpose kids’ room in a Virginia-Highland addition has good ideas for all ages, thanks to the creativity of designers at Copper Sky Design + Remodel.
Room Envy: A soft and serene home office

Room Envy: A soft and serene home office

Keeping it simple but elegant, interior designer Shawn Amtower relied on two winning surfaces for this soft and serene office: white oak and gold/brass tone.
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Room Envy: Statement art and floor-to-ceiling windows elevate this Buckhead high-rise

“We focused the design of this living room around a special commission of Marilyn Monroe by Atlanta artist Steve Penley,” says interior designer Gabriela Eisenhart. Homeowner Jessica Alexander loves the way Penley painted the movie star, as it reminds her of her mom, whom she lost as a child.
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Room Envy: A colorful Decatur kitchen that blends midcentury style with cottage elements

For this Decatur house, interior designer Laura Jenkins cleverly blended midcentury style with cottage elements.
Shanelle Walker

Saturated color and meaningful art add soul to this Grove Park abode

When interior designer Amber Guyton first visited Shanelle Walker’s Grove Park home, she noticed lots of art propped up against the walls—but that didn’t surprise her. “My client, Shanelle, is a woman of many talents,” says Guyton. Walker is a freelancer in Atlanta’s booming TV/movie industry and owner of the local apparel line Freedom Company, a brand “rooted in Black Empowerment and Love.” She’s also a writer, an activist, and a podcaster. Guyton says, “Her home is the core of all this creativity. She wanted it to be a place where ‘Dreams Don’t Sleep.’”
Room Envy

Room Envy: A vibrant dining room in Decatur

To distinguish this builder-grade dining room in Decatur, interior designer Vinanti Chauhan used a few creative tricks for her friends and clients, Monika and Kunj Pathak.
Room Envy

Room Envy: This relaxed listening room is a music-lover’s perfect escape

When it’s 90 degrees in Atlanta, IT professional and writer Blake Donley can escape to his basement listening room with a cool beverage and 3,000—give or take—of his favorite LPs.

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