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Top Doctors 2024

Atlanta’s Top Docs in their own words: Why they went into medicine, the patients that inspired them, and more

We asked several of Atlanta's Top Doctors to tell their own stories about their journey as a doctor. Several said they decided to enter the profession because one or both of their parents were doctors; one mentioned that as a child, she went on weekend hospital rounds with her father. One of our favorite responses came from a neurosurgeon, Dr. Tyler J. Kenning, who said that being a physician and caring for patients embodies Theodore Roosevelt’s sentiment that “the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
Emory Farmworker Project

The Emory Farmworker Project gives medical care to migrant farmworkers in South Georgia

The Emory Farmworker Project exists to give medical care to approximately 2,500 itinerant farmworkers a year in South Georgia, who tend the fruits and vegetables we eat. Many of the workers are immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, or Haiti. Every June and October, Emory students, faculty, clinicians, interpreters, and volunteers (about 350 total in the summer and 120 in the fall) travel to the area, setting up and taking down entire clinics twice a day as they move from farm to farm.
Swemkids Atlanta

SwemKids, Atlanta’s largest Black-owned swim school, is helping change the aquatic narrative

Trish Miller’s near-tragic story is one of the reasons she started SwemKids. On a college trip in 1996, a group of girlfriends found out Miller couldn’t swim, so they decided they were going to teach her. Not really thinking, Miller jumped in the deep end of a pool after her lesson. She started panicking in the water. Thankfully, somebody was there to rescue her.
Sleep in Atlanta

Georgia is one of the most sleep-deprived states. Here’s how some Atlantans eased their sleep struggles.

In a 24-hour world, the city might never sleep—but you should. Studies have shown Georgia is one of the most sleep-deprived states in the nation. Here’s advice from local experts for insomniacs and anyone just trying to get a better night’s rest.
Three places in Atlanta to get a good night's sleep

Three places in metro Atlanta to get a good night’s sleep

If the chaos of everyday life is keeping you up at night, maybe you need a true escape. You can find your dream retreat in nature or in luxury—without leaving the metro.