How to take care of potted plants

Your potted plants are (probably) thirsty

If you’re thinking of getting some new potted plants, prepare yourself for success by reading the nursery tags that say how much water and sun the plant needs. Those lush hanging baskets of ferns and pink petunias need water every day or so.
How to kill your grass on purpose

How to kill your grass on purpose

To me, lawns are a chore without payoff. I can’t eat grass. Grass is not fixing any carbon to speak of, nor does it attract birds or butterflies, which don’t eat grass either. If you, too, are tired of going in circles, consider replacing some lawn.
When to plant seeds in Georgia

On the fence about seeds? Go ahead and start planting them indoors

Marigolds are a good pick for Georgia’s spring and summer. If the plant is destined for a pot, pick a short variety. Otherwise, pick any variety. They come in orange and yellow, from big and puffy to tiny and dainty.
Garden Tip: Don’t chuck your amaryllis in the new year

Garden Tip: Don’t chuck your amaryllis in the new year

The amaryllis plant has a superpower: In just a few weeks in a tiny pot of dirt, this giant onion-looking thing sprouts a giant trumpet-shaped flower—in winter.
Your dead leaves are far more valuable for your garden than you think

Your dead leaves are far more valuable for your garden than you think

If your Ring camera caught somebody loading your brown paper bags of yard leaves off the sidewalk and into a hatchback, it might have been me, and I’m not sorry.
Room Envy

Room Envy: A garden made for relaxing, even in late-summer heat

Gardens can get a bad rap in late summer—with wilting flowers and fewer blooms than in spring—but interior designer and author James Farmer added architecture and heat-tolerant plants so that his backyard excels even in August.
Growing coleus in Atlanta

A coleus for all of us: How to grow the colorful plant in Georgia

On the sunniest Deep South day, wisely planted under the dark green backdrop of a shady tree, a clump of coleus will shimmer with most all the pinks and greens and yellows of other flowers—without a single bloom.
Tabletop hydroponics

How to grow easy countertop sprouts

No sun? No rain? No dirt? No problem. Sprouts can do without.
Growing ginger in Georgia

Ginger? Snap! Here’s how to grow it easily in Georgia

As Georgia’s weather starts its spring ascent toward another sweltering summer, it’s time to plant ginger. Here's how to grow it so that it'll be ready for fall pie season.
Why you should grow mint in the winter in Georgia

The kudzu of herbs: Why you should grow mint during the winter in Georgia

Winter has driven most plants to death or dormancy, but no Deep South freeze is bad enough to kill mint, the kudzu of herbs—and the gardening slack season is as good a time as any to start growing.

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