Atlanta Magazine’s February 2024 Issue

A note from Sean McGinnis, President & Publisher:

West side, east side, ITP, OTP – where you live can be as big a part of your identity as the team you cheer for, and Atlantans pick with pride. With Atlanta’s sprawling 12-county metro area and diverse population, each neighborhood has its unique charms. In our February issue, we learn why Atlantans love where they live and choose to stay in their corner of the city.

City leaders are currently clashing over a hypothetical Atlanta Beltline rail transit. Some believe it would lead to a more functional city while others believe it would be an expensive mistake. Design renderings seem to point to the fact that a well-thought-out plan will be imperative if the project is approved. Citizens hope a compromise will be reached so folks can have more transportation options while avoiding the crowding of pedestrians. Learn more about the details in this issue.

Turner Classic Movies is the lodestar for fans of classic film that is sometimes taken for granted in Atlanta. It has weathered storms including numerous corporate mergers, the death of its iconic host Robert Osborne, and the dismissal of much of its leadership in 2023. However, the network has a fiercely loyal following – some of which include Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Steven Spielberg. Read more on how these film lovers were able to rescue the beloved network.

Lastly, February is heart health month, so don’t miss out on our Great Health section where we can point you to metro-Atlanta facilities with patient-centered care. As the month of love is upon us, practice some self-love by taking care of your health.

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