Atlanta Artist Collective gallery supports local artists and nonprofits

Laine Kilburn launched the initiative to make local art more accessible to the public
Artist Collective
Photograph by Neda Abghari

When Atlantans buy local art, everyone wins. The work is often less expensive, it fosters the city’s creative culture, and it helps artists stay in business. A new online collective is making it even easier to support homegrown talent—with the added benefit of donating 5 percent of sales to area nonprofits.

Laine Kilburn launched the Atlanta Artist Collective last October in partnership with the Charleston Artist Collective, founded by Kilburn’s friend Allison Williamson in 2010. Currently the gallery represents more than a dozen emerging and established artists, including Katherine McClure, who creates mixed-media paintings of animals; abstract painter Kim Collinson; and pop artist Craig Ford. Works range from small pieces for $75 to larger paintings at more than $4,000.

“We want everyone who is interested in art to be able to buy it,” says Kilburn. “The investment is not as intimidating when it’s so readily available and affordable.” In addition, Kilburn can arrange for clients to view pieces in person before purchasing, or they can check out work at Kilburn’s regular art parties and private shows.

Though the gallery lives online, it operates as a true collective, with artists meeting quarterly to select monthly themes—tied to the chosen nonprofits, which rotate every two months. The homepage prominently displays total contributions to date.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.