Room Envy: This modern nursery doesn’t scream “baby”

April and Ryan Hayslip’s room eschewes tradition
Modern nursery

Photograph by Ryan Hayslip

When April and Ryan Hayslip were expecting their first child, they decided not to find out whether they were having a boy or girl. As a result they eschewed traditional blues and pinks in the nursery, instead creating a modern room that—with the exception of a few playful touches—doesn’t scream “baby.”

Looking up
The fanciful wallpaper on the ceiling launched the design, says April, who helps run Ryan’s photography/branding business, SlipVisual. “I loved thinking about our little one staring up at the playful sky. And it’s a great distraction during diaper changes.”

Sunny spots
Yellow tassels elevate simple white window treatments.

Mix & match
A white ceramic lamp base is livened up with a colorful Anthropologie shade resembling a watercolor painting.

Going dotty
The textural pouf serves as an ottoman. Later, it’s a soft place for a toddler to flop.

Rock on
April searched for months for a comfortable, colorful rocking chair. She finally found this inexpensive teal glider at during a night of online browsing.

Gray matters
The modern-style crib, which the couple purchased at Baby Braithwaite, doesn’t require a dust ruffle and converts to a toddler bed.

Tip: Beyond baby
Don’t feel stuck in the kids department. The Hayslips chose a Restoration Hardware dresser for a changing table (outfitted with a portable changing cushion) and storage chest. “It has plenty of space for a fidgety baby, and we can continue to use it as our needs change,” April says.

This article originally appeared in our May 2016 issue under the headline “Sweet Dreams.”