8 Questions for Georgia’s Secretary of State Candidates

BY - October 23, 2018

Georgia Secretary of State Candidates Election 2018
(L-R) Democrat John Barrow, Libertarian Smythe Duval, and Republican Brad Raffensperger

Barrow: Photograph by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images; DuVal and Raffensberger: Courtesy of their campaigns

This elected official oversees seemingly mundane tasks like registering Georgia businesses, maintaining the Georgia Capitol museum, and licensing of more than 40 industries, including hairstylists, used car dealers, and music therapists. Its most important duty: overseeing Georgia’s elections and the registration of voters, a highly political process, as evident from the recent allegations of incumbent Brian Kemp removing voters from the rolls. Below, our 8 questions for the candidates and their responses, which have been edited for length and clarity.

Democratic candidate John Barrow was asked to participate but did not respond to our requests. Here is his official campaign website.

  1. Smythe DuVal (L)
  2. Brad Raffensperger (R)