9 things to know about SunTrust Park

Atlanta Braves games are scaling down in size—and hopefully in price

Braves SunTrust Park
Rendering courtesy of the Atlanta Braves

The Braves’ average home attendance last year was just under 25,000—the fourth lowest in the National League—so if it seemed like Turner Field was often half-full, that’s because it was. At a capacity of 41,000, SunTrust has space for 8,500 fewer fans than did the Ted, putting the new park closer to the league average.

Ticket prices for Braves games at SunTrust Park will vary depending on different factors, including day of the week and opponent. And based off of media previews for concessions, it doesn’t appear the Braves brass has a concerted effort to lure fans off the couch with cheaper stadium fare, à la the $2 hot dogs and $5 brews at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

For each home game, expect 19,000 tickets to retail for $20 or less—with almost half of those as low as $7. Group tickets will sell for even cheaper, down to five bucks per seat. (Standing-room-only tix will be available only when games sell out.)

“When you figure in ticket price, parking, cost of concessions, it’s still a very affordable professional sporting event,” says Derek Schiller, the Braves president of business. “You can probably get to a game . . . for under what it takes a family to go to a movie these days.”

This article originally appeared in our April 2017 issue.