9 things to know about SunTrust Park

How did the land surrounding SunTrust Park stay undeveloped for so long?

Braves SunTrust construction
Photograph courtesy of the Atlanta Braves

If you’re wondering how 60 acres of undeveloped land in one of the most commercially dense sectors of Cobb County managed to stay undeveloped for so long, the answer was underground. Three pipelines—one owned by Atlanta Gas Light, the others used by Colonial Pipeline to pump petroleum products from Houston to Maine—lay in the way of any major development. They’d have to be diverted, which ended up taking engineers hired by the Braves six months. What else went into the project:

Maximum number of workers on site at one time since work began in the fall of 2014

Miles of wiring installed

Tons of structural steel used

Number of bricks laid

This article originally appeared in our April 2017 issue.