Your guide to Atlanta’s extreme beauty treatments

These are the buzziest facials to hit Atlanta spa menus (and they’re not for the faint of heart)

Facial treatments

Pellevé reduces wrinkles by heating deep layers of the skin with radio­frequency energy. The result: Cells produce more collagen, a naturally occurring protein that makes your skin taut, springy, and youthful ­looking. $20, RYSE Wellness, 404-596-8088,

Tiny pinpricks across the face create minuscule “injuries” that cause your skin to generate fresh, new tissues over the next few weeks. Sounds painful? The practitioner will apply a topical numbing cream first. From $350, BlueMed Center, 404-815-8880,

“Vampire” Facelift
In this gruesome-sounding treatment, also known as a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facelift, a medical pro draws blood from your arm and injects it into your face, accompanied with fillers. It’s Kardashian approved and said to stimulate production of, yes, collagen. Prices vary, Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, 404-963-6665,

Also known as “frotox,” this treatment blasts your face with biting-cold liquid nitrogen vapors, reducing redness and inflammation. (It doesn’t hurt and lasts just 12 minutes.) $50, Icebox Cryotherapy, 404-890-7066,

IPL Photofacial
This laser treatment targets problems like sunspots, spider veins, and rosacea by sending concentrated light beams to boost collagen. It’s said to make skin appear more supple and zap away visible blood vessels. Prices vary, Emory Aesthetic Center, 404-778-6880, —Emily L. Foley and Feifei Sun