Justin Q. Williams

Trademark Design Co.
Justin Q. Williams
Justin Q. Williams

Photograph courtesy of Justin Q. Williams

Office, 402 Ashley Avenue

Since the house already features two bedrooms, Justin Williams decided to transform the third bedroom into a home office. “It’s not super masculine or feminine; it’s just a comfortable, calming space,” says the designer. And while the client always comes first, Williams let himself run with his own tastes here. “My favorite color is green, and this year for me is a year of prosperity, so I wanted to go with deep emerald green for the walls and accent that with golds.”

Mixing in comfortable materials like suede, some cushy throws, and a shag rug were important to Williams. “When we think of offices, we think of stiff, wood pieces,” he says. “I wanted to soften the room so that it’s a space that puts your mind at ease.”

Fun fact: Williams launched Trademark Design Co. when he was only 18 years old. “After seeing my apartment, a friend’s aunt asked me to decorate her new condo,” he says. “Once that project was complete, the building owners started to pitch my name around, and, eventually, I designed ten units in that building.”

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