#EPIC FAIL: 2 inches of snow, 18 hours of gridlock, thousands of Atlantans stranded

How a region of 6 million was paralyzed by a storm predicted days ago
Atlanta snow storm 2014
Vehicles sit in traffic along Interstate 75 in icy conditions January 29, 2014 in Atlanta.

Photograph by Scott Cunninghaml/Getty Images

We all know that Atlantans can’t cope with snow, and we’re generally quick to defend ourselves from critical Yankees who don’t understand that you can’t stockpile salt and plows for flakes that fall with less frequency than the Spider-Man franchise gets another reboot. But the gridlock that started at noon yesterday and is continuing into this morning can’t be blamed on Southern climate. (Gov. Deal: We’ll get to your “unexpected storm” comments shortly.) This fiasco provides brutal evidence of metro Atlanta’s tragic lack of transit planning (or transit options for that matter) and staggering leadership vacuum.

How did a region of 6 million become paralyzed by 2 inches of snow?