Last year’s TomorrowWorld brought music, fur, and $85 million

The EDM festival will return to Chattahoochee Hills this fall for a second year
Photograph by Raymond McCrea Jones

Last year’s TomorrowWorld festival created more than just a massive influx neon spandex and fur-covered, well, everything—it also brought an estimated economic impact of about $85 million, $70 million of which benefited the Atlanta area, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports

The three-day electronic music festival drew an estimated 50,000 people a day (we estimate 49,999 of them in crazy costumes) to Bouckaert Farm, a 500-acre farmland located in south Fulton’s Chattahoochee Hills. The event also drew a global crowd—with an estimated 12 percent of attendees coming from outside the U.S., over 75 countries were represented at the sold-out event, according to the AJC.

TomorrowWorld is the first international expansion of Belgium’s long-running Tomorrowland festival. The EDM extravaganza returns Sept. 26-28, and tickets are on sale through the festival’s website. 

Check out our gallery of the creative costumes we found during last year’s event.