A Reddit user posted a massive collection of Georgia 6th District election mailers

So much Photoshop, so little time
Georgia 6th District Election Mailers
A Jon Ossoff volunteer holds a campaign door hanger.

Photograph by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you live in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, you’re likely counting the minutes and seconds until Wednesday morning when the votes have been tallied (or at the very least projected), either Democrat Jon Ossoff or Republican Karen Handel has been elected, and the endless bombardment of campaign ads will finally end.

The AJC reports that more than $50 million has been spent on the race, “already the most expensive election of its kind,” and a massive chunk of that has been funneled into advertising. On Sunday, Reddit user Marky5000 posted a photo album to the Atlanta board that featured more than 20 mailers sent to residents in the district. Some were fairly tame, but most were the extreme campaign rhetoric that many are all too used to seeing during any election cycle. A few of the prominent themes in the mailers posted:

  • A photoshopped Karen Handel in a supposedly taxpayer-funded “luxury SUV” (“taking taxpayers for a ride”)
  • Many references to Jon Ossoff being in the pocket of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (including one thoroughly creepy photoshopped image of Pelosi ripping off an Ossoff mask)
  • Many pro-Ossoff mailers urging residents to vote against Handel as a way to send a message to President Donald Trump (including a photoshopped image of Trump holding a giant novelty check)
  • Many pro-Handel mailers reminding voters that their voting record is public (whom you vote for is not, however) and “if you don’t vote, your neighbors will know”
  • Women’s health issues cropped up many times, with pro-Ossoff ads attacking Handel’s time at the Susan G. Komen Foundation (“[she’ll] force her agenda on anyone”) and pro-Handel ads attacking Ossoff as a “pro-abortion extremist.” A bright pink mailer from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund also urged residents to vote for Ossoff.

You can view the entire album here.

Hang in there, 6th District. It’s almost over.