TomorrowWorld won’t be happening in 2016

Though the massive EDM festival is off for this year, promoters aren’t ruling out a potential return
Photograph by Christine Van Dusen
Photograph by Christine Van Dusen

EDM fans, you can now officially say goodbye to TomorrowWorld—at least for this year. One month after TomorrowWorld’s parent company SFX Entertainment filed for bankruptcy, festival organizers today announced the Chattahoochee Hills festival won’t be returning in 2016. “Unfortunately in the current environment, it is not possible to give you the best and unique experience you deserve,” promoters wrote in a statement posted on TomorrowWorld’s website.”We will miss seeing each other in September and experiencing the magic of TomorrowWorld as one. You, the People of Tomorrow, the foundation of TomorrowWorld, are our inspiration.” Though the festival is gone for now, promoters also added that “this is not farewell,” leaving the door open for a possible return.

We’ve reached out to Bouckaert Farm, the farm where TomorrowWorld has set up shop in recent years, for comment on how this will impact their business. If we hear back, we’ll post an update.

For more background on what led to TomorrowWorld’s cancellation, check out our previous stories on the chaotic end to TomorrowWorld 2015 and SFX’s subsequent bankruptcy.