Dominique Wilkins’ perfect day in Atlanta

The former Atlanta Hawks player shares his favorite spots to frequent in and around the city
Dominique Wilkins

Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Hawks

Nicknamed the “Human Highlight Film,” Dominique Wilkins is one of the top dunkers in NBA history. He spent the majority of his basketball career with the Atlanta Hawks, where he remains the franchise’s all-time leader in scores and steals. He’s now the team’s vice president of basketball and special advisor to the CEO. Here, he shares his perfect day in and around Atlanta.

Rise and Dine
“I like hotel breakfasts; the variety of foods they offer is really, really cool. The Four Seasons Atlanta has a great breakfast. I’m a big French toast guy, and theirs is good. I also like their smoked salmon and chicken sausage.”

French toast at the Four Seasons Atlanta, topped with seasonal jam

Photo courtesy of the Four Seasons Atlanta

Morning Walk
“There’s a trail at Johnson Park in Conyers near where I live. I can get a walk in, come home, and exercise a little more, so it’s convenient. On the weekends, it’s crowded, but during the week, it’s pretty easy.”

Footwear Favorite
“There’s a shoe shop in Conyers called K & D Shoes. They have different sandals, Crocs, and casual sneakers. You can find great shoes for your family. They have a nice following, but it’s pretty low-key.”

 Power Lunch
“When I want to do business stuff or I’m trying to do a deal, a lot of times I go to Bones. They know how to treat their customers, and I’ve always appreciated that. I like their steaks, but for lunch, I also like their pasta dishes.”

Tee Time
“A lot of the golf courses I play are in town. Bobby Jones Golf Course is convenient and close. It’s pretty easy to get on, and the pricing is not expensive. Because it’s located right in Buckhead, it’s an easy place for everybody to meet up.”

Aerial view of Bobby Jones Golf Course

Photo courtesy of Bobby Jones Golf Course

Market Research
“I’m a big cook, so I like to go to Your Dekalb Farmers Market to check out what they have. I have friends who like lychee martinis, and you can get the really big, nice lychees in bulk there. If you want exotic fish, they have it all. I’m a big fan of Chilean sea bass, branzino, and red snapper. I mean, you can get one fish that feeds eight people.”

Surf and Turf
“My favorite place is Chops Lobster Bar. It’s just the atmosphere they create—it’s very festive but professional, with laid-back swag. Anything I’ve ever had there has been so good. They have the best steaks in the city, but I usually get my favorite: fried lobster.”

“I’m not a guy who hangs out in one place a lot. When I was young, it was a different story—I used to own nightclubs! But as an older gentleman, I like to experiment with different spots. One place I like is Burn by Rocky Patel, out by the Battery. You see a lot of real cigar smokers there. I’m telling you, Rocky knows how to do it.”

Burn offers a variety of different luxury cigars

Photo courtesy of Burn by Rocky Patel

This article appears in the Fall 2023 issue of Southbound.