Try these five at-home spa treatments from Atlanta pros

Your summer glow-up

At-home spa treatments
Lark & Sparrow’s DIY Pedicure Kit

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While nothing takes the place of an in-person facial or pedicure, an at-home spa treatment can be just as effective—and relaxing—as one from the pros. From a detoxifying cold facial to a soothing scalp massage, here are the DIY treatments Atlanta beauty experts indulge in when they’re off the clock.

At-home spa treatmentsThe Aviary’s Cold Facial
Want an instant face lift? Amy Leavell Bransford, founder of Aviary Beauty + Wellness Collective, swears by a weekly at-home facial. After a steamy shower to soften skin, cleanse your face with cold water and Biologique Recherche’s Lait VIP 02, then apply the brand’s Masque VIP 02, massaging in a circular and upward motion with the fingers, “stimulating lymphatic fluid, which is essential for detoxing and helping skin keep its youthful glow,” says Bransford. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove with cold water to tighten skin and protect pores.

Hawkins & Clover’s Scalp Massage
There’s a reason that a salon shampoo is so relaxing: A good scalp massage is proven to reduce stress, relieve tension, and even ease symptoms of migraines. For the at-home equivalent, Hawkins & Clover’s Erika Audrey recommends mixing almond and castor oils, then massaging deeply into the scalp using firm pressure and consistent rhythm. Finish up with Evo’s Normal Persons Daily Shampoo for removing product buildup and Mane Attention Protein Treatment for deep conditioning.

Lark & Sparrow’s DIY Pedicure Kit
Foot care isn’t just about looks. “Keeping nails trimmed and skin moisturized will not only make you feel better about your appearance but will also help with foot discomfort caused by dry, cracked heels and ingrown nails,” says Lark & Sparrow’s owner, Linda Sharp. For $35, the salon packages all the tools you need: acetone wipes, top coat, nail files, a buffing block, and more. Fancy some color? They sell CND Vinylux nail polish in a range of summer-worthy hues.

Kindred Studio’s Face Scrub
Kindred Studio’s Kelly Painter and Amy Tecosky offer virtual facials with instructions to customize your skincare regimen, stressing that “what you do at home is just as important—if not more—as professional treatments,” says Tecosky. Their favorite off-the-clock indulgence? An exfoliating facial treatment with SIR ACTIV+ scrub. During an evening shower, apply a nickel-sized amount of the scrub with gentle, circular motions. Leave on for five to eight minutes, wash off, then apply local honey (avoiding eyebrows and under eyes) for five minutes. Remove with a warm washcloth and follow with a serum and light moisturizer like OWAY awakening moisturizer.

Phoenix Wellness Center’s Skincare Secrets
Is your skin dehydrated from spending too much time indoors? Phoenix Wellness Center’s aesthetician Kacey Washington swears by a few drops of Eminence’s Facial Recovery Oil in her nighttime moisturizer for an instant hydration boost. She also recommends exfoliating once a week with Eminence’s Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant to shed dead skin cells, repair blue-light damage, and give skin a natural summer glow.

This article appears in our July 2020 issue.