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What life is like on a Stockbridge Christmas tree farm

What life is like on a Stockbridge Christmas tree farm

When Susie Grant went to the National Christmas Tree Association convention in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1986, she was one of the few female farmers there. She ran a small farm in Mississippi at the time. In the exhibit hall, she met a father and son from Stockbridge, who were demonstrating a revolutionary tree trimmer they had invented. “I just walked by and started talking about the trimmer,” says Susie. She and the son, Allen Grant, have been together ever since. Today they own Yule Forest in Stockbridge, and Christmas trees remain an inextricable part of their lives.

King of Pops branches out with Christmas trees

The brothers Carse launched the eco-conscious, Christmas tree delivery service last year as a means to bridge the November-to-March lull in popsicle sales and to keep seasonal employees working a little longer.

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