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The financial dimension of Atlanta hosting the Final Four

The economics of playing host to 100,000 rabid basketball fans

While everyone’s busy talking about Kevin Ware, he’s headed home to Georgia

If you saw it, it’s burned into your memory. If you didn’t, I don’t think I can adequately describe it to you. Let’s just say that the sight of Louisville guard, and former Rockdale high-schooler, Kevin Ware breaking his leg during the regional final of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Sunday made Joe Theismann—a quarterback whose career was infamously ended by a gruesome knee injury—“sick to my stomach,” as he told NBC’s Today Show.

We’re No. 1! According to us!

Yet to those who root for pro sports (and, I hope, those who play them) the night felt unmistakably like a consolation prize. We were told repeatedly how lucky we are to be here in this world-class sports town. We were reminded that the New York media was against us. We were so showered with love and self-serving praise that you almost expected, say, a Boston sports fan to leave behind his seven titles in the last twelve years so he could come down and buy season tickets to half-empty Turner Field.

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