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Best of Atlanta 2016

New Gallery: Brickworks Gallery

The price of art is often unapproachably steep. But this fall, artist Laura W. Adams opened Brickworks with a mission to showcase less expensive artworks.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Rain-or-Shine Fun: Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Start inside, where you’ll find science- and nature-themed exhibitions, educational activities, and a theater. Then turn them loose in the new 10-acre WildWoods, a play area with separate structures for big and little kids, and the 65-acre Fernbank Forest.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Neighborhood Festival: Porchfest

Before the last amp had been unplugged at the second annual Oakhurst Porchfest in October, the chatter had already begun: Can we do this again in the spring?
Best of Atlanta 2016

New Comedy Venue: Highwire Comedy Co.

Atlanta’s Latest comedy company finally got its own space near Atlantic Station last September.

Fun Follow: @zooatlanta

Sure it’s educational, what with all the behind-the-scenes posts from zookeepers and fun animal facts (who knew Kavi the tiger loves cheap cologne?). But let’s face it, you came for the cute.
Donald Glover

Entertainment Export: Atlanta

Donald Glover’s passion project won our hearts for offering a nuanced portrait of life in Atlanta and showcasing corners of the city not usually seen on screen, like J.R. Crickets or the county jail—all while still being laugh-out-loud funny
Kevin Gillese

Personal Endorsement: Atlanta Film Festival

Kevin Gillese, artistic director of Dad’s Garage "This is one of the best annual events not just because its programming is consistently inventive and high- quality, but also because they work hard to feature homegrown Atlanta...
Best of Atlanta 2016

Renovation: Lou Glenn Children’s Garden

Before the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s recent $7 million overhaul of its children’s garden, the space was cute but dated. Now, after a year of renovations, families will find the garden transformed.
Ron Clark Academy

Viral Sensation: The Ron Clark Academy

Watch Ron Clark whip; watch him nae nae. The South Atlanta educator was already famous for his revolutionary teaching methods when he and Ron Clark Academy students took part in DLow’s “Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me” dance challenge last January.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Concert Venue: Variety Playhouse

The Little Five points venue has been an alt-rock haven since 1990, so when new owners Agon Sports and Entertainment announced an extensive renovation, fans were understandably nervous.

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