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Golden Ray shipwreck what happened

Tracking the long, strange trip of the Golden Ray

A boat carrying 4,200 cars capsized in St. Simons Sound in September 2019—and it’s still there.
Bats White-nose syndrome

Gone: The race to stop the fungus killing millions of bats

There are two ways scientists know when white-nose syndrome has colonized a cave: when bat carcasses carpet the floor or when the bats, normally clutching the cave walls, are simply gone.

28. Mark Dodd

The biologist, 52, runs Georgia DNR’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program

Guarding the Nest

Beginning this month, typically in the dead of night, pregnant sea turtles weighing as much as a Falcons lineman will emerge from the Atlantic Ocean, spend an hour digging holes with their rear flippers on the beaches of Georgia’s barrier islands, deposit a hundred or so eggs, repack the sand, and head back into the ocean.

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