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Atlanta 500: education opener

2019 Atlanta 500: Education & Healthcare

These are Atlanta's 500 most powerful leaders. We spent months consulting experts and sorting through nominations to get a list of the city's most influential people—from artists to chefs to philanthropists to sports coaches and corporate CEOs. In this section, we focus on Kindergarten through high school, higher education, and healthcare.

An Atlanta-based app uses blockchain to make it easier for patients to access their health information

Atlanta-based app Patientory is trying to improve the global, multibillion-dollar health records system. Here's how it works.
Gold Dome

Gold Dome Preview: Eleven issues to watch during the 2016 legislative session

Many more details will be revealed in the next few weeks. But here are some of the key questions the lawmakers on their way to Atlanta face coming into the 2016 legislative session.
Mike Mandl

33. Mike Mandl

The president and CEO of Emory Healthcare has some pretty big scrubs to fill succeeding John Fox, who led Georgia’s largest hospital system for 16 years before Mandl took over in March. Despite Emory’s Ebola-fighting prestige, Mandl’s off to a rocky start; WellStar recently pulled out of merger negotiations for which he’d been the self-described “quarterback.”
John Haupert

21. John Haupert

Grady Memorial Hospital remains open in large measure because of Haupert. Since 2011, the Arkansas-raised CEO has steered the state’s largest hospital, one of vital importance to metro Atlanta, from the brink of closure and through a mammoth restructuring.

Mobile medicine: Grady house calls free up ERs for true emergencies

Unnecessary emergency room visits place a financial and service burden on hospitals, especially “safety net” facilities that serve large numbers of uninsured patients. A few Georgia institutions are reducing their losses by responding to some 911 calls with teams of healthcare professionals who can treat patients in the field.

Emory researchers examine how virtual reality can treat veterans’ PTSD

Sometimes the best way to overcome a traumatic experience is to relive it. Researchers at Emory have been exploring ways that combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder could be tackled by using virtual reality.

High prices at some Atlanta hospitals: Do they mean anything?

Earlier this month, when the federal agency that runs Medicare released a database of hospital prices, it felt as though closely held secrets had been unveiled. But soon, there were just more questions: Who charges the most or the least? Why are some costs so high? And if you have insurance, does it matter?

Georgia flunks health care reporting

Georgia scored an "F" on its reporting of health care costs, according to a report released this week. We're one of 29 states that flunked on the health care price transparency report from the Catalyst for Payment Reform, a nonprofit group that works to improve how businesses and individuals pay for health care.

Georgia spends its money on what?

Gov. Nathan Deal's refusal to accept an expansion of Medicaid, or to set up a health insurance exchange in Georgia as required by the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) aren't new news. Deal made it clear he'd reject an expansion of Medicaid not long after the Supreme Court's ACA ruling made it easier for states to decline. And Deal telegraphed his decision about exchanges for months before he made it official on November 16.

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