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Room Envy

Room Envy: A garden made for relaxing, even in late-summer heat

Gardens can get a bad rap in late summer—with wilting flowers and fewer blooms than in spring—but interior designer and author James Farmer added architecture and heat-tolerant plants so that his backyard excels even in August.
breakfast room addition

This lively breakfast room plays with plenty of patterns

This lively breakfast room addition by Atlanta architect Norman Askins and interior designer/author James Farmer fits nicely in a 19th-century house.
James Farmer home

For bestselling author and designer James Farmer, it was finally time to build

James Farmer says it made his day when the cable TV technician asked, “Has this house been in your family for years?” The abode in question was actually brand new but carefully designed to look vintage.

James Farmer III

If that arbiter of Southern style, Garden & Gun magazine, had a Georgia poster boy (besides Sid Mashburn), it would be James Farmer III—a twenty-nine-year-old prepster who refurbishes historic Southern gardens and blogs about farm-to-table cuisine.

James Farmer’s Cucumber Salad

Not all cooks are gardeners, and not all gardeners are cooks, but both lifestyles can be melded into one, says James Farmer III. Cucumbers and herbs from the garden are ideal, but store-bought is fine, too. This was the first recipe he learned to make as a child.

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