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Townsend Prize celebrates the best in Georgia fiction

Townsend Prize celebrates the best in Georgia fiction

On April 13, the biannual Townsend Prize for Fiction—named for Atlanta magazine’s founding editor, Jim Townsend—was awarded to Sanjena Sathian for her 2021 novel, The Gold Diggers.

Townsend Prize: Ten Georgia books vie for the venerable award

Every other year since 1982, Peach State literati have collaborated to determine which Georgia books are deserving of the Townsend Prize, an award that honors great writing (and, incidentally, is named for *Atlanta* magazine’s founding editor, Jim Townsend).
Atlanta Magazine May 1996

Atlanta at 35: A rollicking, outrageous, loving history of the magazine

Written for our 35th anniversary in 1996: In the beginning was Townsend. He hit Atlanta like a force of nature; ebullient, cherub face, buzz-cut hair, and calling everyone "Dear Heart."

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