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Ramadan Atlanta

Scenes from a Ramadan Iftar meal in metro Atlanta

At the Mughals in Norcross, families gather—cautiously—to celebrate during the holy month that once again falls during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commentary: With the Trump travel ban, Americans face an important choice

As an Iranian-American, the travel ban hits close to home. My husband, Maysam, came to this country from Iran in 2000 through a student visa to get his PhD in electrical engineering. Today he is a professor at Georgia Tech, where his research focuses on helping people with disabilities lead independent lives.
Madina Institute Duluth

One Square Mile: Visit a Mosque Day at Duluth’s Madina Institute

Prompted by the attacks in Paris and California and the anti-Islam furor that followed, the Atlanta Muslim community organized the event with the support of 16 local mosques.

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