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How are we the No. 1 city for both nerds and rednecks?

We were both amused and bemused when real estate site Movoto.com ranked Atlanta number one for nerds, then a month later declared us the “most redneck city in America.”

How smart is Atlanta? That depends on whom you ask.

Well knock me down and steal muh teeth! The real-estate blog Movoto (which ranked Atlanta as the country’s top city for both nerds and rednecks) also graded America’s cities based on six “pieces of criteria.” Atlanta came out at number four on the Movoto list of the smartest cities. But in another ranking, we didn't even make the top twenty.

Atlanta: Most redneck city in the USA?

Consider, as they say, the source. The same folks over at the Movoto real estate blog who recently decreed Atlanta the most nerdy city in the U.S. have now dubbed us "most redneck."

The redneck-calculation methodology developed by Movoto's Natalie Grigson includes: percentage of high school dropouts; number of gun stores, taxidermists, Walmarts, country music stations, and Western gear vendors; and proximity to a NASCAR track. Also lawn mower repair stores.

Alright, Natalie. We'll concede on most of the findings—especially the guns and dropouts. But did you have to make a Jeff Foxworthy reference? We'd have gone with the Stone Mountain laser show.

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