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5 Southern novels that aren’t Gone with the Wind

When Gone with the Wind was published in 1936, Margaret Mitchell became the most famous writer in Georgia. At the same time, though, other lesser-known authors were writing significant novels that didn’t include plantations and hoop-skirted Southern belles.
Coretta Scott King rose

How the roses at the Greater Atlanta Rose Show get their names

Visitors to the Greater Atlanta Rose Show, hosted by the Greater Atlanta Rose Society on Mother's Day weekend, might notice that the floral competitors can have rather unusual monikers
NYT on Atlanta

6 reasons the New York Times story on Atlanta restaurants gave me cultural indigestion

The headline of the piece was “Atlanta Pulls a Chair to the Table for Culinary Greats,” but after reading it, perhaps a more accurate one would have been “Bless Their Hearts.”

To celebrate the 75th anniversary, 3 books for Gone with the Wind fans

Land, Katie Scarlett O’Hara, isn’t the only thing that lasts. This year, Colorado-based Taylor Trade Publishing celebrates the movie’s seventy-fifth anniversary with a trio of books about the phenomenon that ensures pop culture historians will never be hungry again.

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