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The world’s largest collection of vintage supercomputers is in Roswell, Georgia

In July, Lonnie Mimms opened the Computer Museum of America, a 40,000-square-foot tribute to hundreds of thousands of technological throwbacks dating to the mid-1800s, in Roswell, the heart of North Fulton’s Tech Hub.
Magnus Egerstedt

Georgia Tech’s Robotarium is “a shining beacon of robotic awesomeness”

The Robotarium is an open-access lab with swarm robots, or robots in large quantities. Palm-sized robots roll—and plate-sized ones fly in the middle of the room where anyone in the world can remotely run experiments on the lab’s robots, simply by uploading code to the Robotarium’s website.
PIXI dress

Cool high-tech “wearables” coming out of Georgia Tech

An explosion of “smart” clothes is changing the way we access technology. And big strides in these so-called “wearables” are coming out of Georgia Tech, where devices have been designed for health purposes and research tools.

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