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Thomas Wages

My Style: Thomas Wages

In his earlier career, Wages helped launch Turner Classic Movies and even founded a record label, but he’s always been interested in clothes.


Known for made-in-the-USA menswear, with many bags and accessories stitched here in Atlanta

The Love List: Hit the road

There’s nothing like the promise of Memorial Day weekend to set the mood for a great Southern road trip.

Small Goods: Tweeds

This year-and-a-half-old Westside men’s boutique has quickly carved out a niche by stocking esteemed brands not found elsewhere in town. It’s a good place to find accessories to set your man (or yourself) apart.

Hand-stitched haberdashery at Tweeds

It’s a classic story of ties that bind—except this one actually starts with ties. Kirk Stafford, who had a small tie company called Mast-McBride, walked into Billy Reid in September 2012. Thomas Wages, a partner at an advertising company, was inside talking to the manager over a bourbon drink. He owned a tie that was too skinny, and he wanted it made into a bow tie. The manager looked from Wages to Stafford; it was kismet. One conversation led to another, and the two discovered they wanted to open the same type of men’s boutique, right down to the last handcrafted leather detail.

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