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Monica Helms

Meet the Navy veteran who created the trans Pride flag

"I didn’t start to feel like a woman at a certain age—I started to feel like a girl. I was five years old, growing up in Arizona, and I prayed to God to turn me into a girl. You can’t tell me that this is a choice."

With ReSupply app, five Army officers are hoping to make donating to charity easier than ever

This Veterans Day, Army officers Paul Tocci, Kevin Epp, Brendan Buckley, Corey Reiser, and Eric Osteen will give back to their community by debuting in Atlanta a new mobile app that seeks to make giving to charity an everyday task—ReSupply
Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing

Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing brings warbirds back to life

An airplane fanatic since he was six, Willard Womack climbs onto the wing of a Bell P-63 Kingcobra and beholds it like some immense phoenix brought back to life. In four days, after a 25-year restoration, the P-63 will fly again or for the first time since 1974.
Georgia Aquarium Ocean Voyeger

Veterans with PTSD find relief swimming with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium

“Once you hit the water, it’s so relaxing; all anxiety is gone. You’re away from your PTSD. You’re away from any injuries you have. It’s just you and the aquarium.”

How art therapy helps a Georgia veteran with PTSD

Everywhere Jason Smith turned, it seemed death surrounded him. As a medic in the smoldering battlegrounds of Iraq, he performed CPR on fatally wounded Marines. Back home he was involved in a car wreck that left him with a traumatic brain injury and killed a friend. Before long he began hallucinating.
American Legion Fayette County Post 105

American Legion Fayette County Post 105

The military veterans of Post 105 had spent their best years doing hazardous jobs on behalf of their country, and now, on a windy blue morning, they did one more. Nearly 700 worn-out American flags had accumulated at their headquarters, deposited by various local patriots, and it was time for the quarterly cremation.

Vets help vets stay out of jail through a unique Fulton County court

Outside the Fulton County Accountability Court headquarters, a cold wind ripped through the Bankhead neighborhood west of downtown. Standing inside before two dozen veterans of conflicts from Vietnam to Afghanistan, John L. Walsh, a real estate broker and a Vietnam War veteran, gave his pitch with all the fervor of a seasoned recruiting sergeant.

Emory researchers examine how virtual reality can treat veterans’ PTSD

Sometimes the best way to overcome a traumatic experience is to relive it. Researchers at Emory have been exploring ways that combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder could be tackled by using virtual reality.

Unsheltered No More gets homeless vets off the street

Back in 2012, after Atlanta bested thirteen other cities in a contest to house 100 homeless veterans in 100 days, Mayor Kasim Reed announced that the city would do even better in 2013 by helping 800 chronically homeless Atlantans—a significant percentage of whom are veterans—move into permanent homes by the end of the year. As of late September, the [Unsheltered No More Initiative][1] was on its way to meeting that goal, with 700 people moved off the street.

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